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Valentine's Day

We have recipes for elegant main courses and luscious desserts that say "Be mine!"
Chocolate Brunch Waffles
Make Sunday brunch special with these chocolatey waffles. Topped with fruit and whipped cream, they're perfect for company or as a dessert.
Chocolate Caramel Sauce
A bit of evaporated milk makes this ice cream topping creamy and rich. Served warm over a big bowl of French vanilla, it`s a connoisseur`s delight! Then again, it can only improve a sundae with the works!
Chocolate Lover's Chocolate Mousse Pie
Chocolate crust with a milk chocolate coating, fluffy chocolate filling, whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle: this pie is not for the faint of heart!
Chicken Provencal
The flavors are bold in this French saute with a sauce of tomatoes, garlic, rosemary, olives, and just enough anchovy paste to give the sauce depth.
Zabaglione with Strawberries
In this recipe, we serve the zabaglione hot when it’s just made, but if you want to prepare the dish ahead of time, you can mix the zabaglione with whipped cream and refrigerate it.
Espresso Granita with Whipped Cream
Top the granita with a hefty portion of whipped cream; you’ll need the mild sweetness of the cream to balance the strong espresso.
Teriyaki Salmon
You can make the teriyaki glaze in minutes, and the whole dish takes only a little longer. Keep a sharp eye on the salmon during cooking, though; the glaze can burn if the heat is too high.
Chocolate Truffle Cups
These smooth chocolate centers served in sweet, edible candy cups are impossible to resist. Make them for a party or as a gift for some very special people.
Rich Chocolate Mousse
You'll detect a hint of coffee in the rich, creamy, so-easy-to-make mousse.
Chocolate Rhapsody
This dessert will be music to your taste buds. A thin layer of chocolate separates luscious raspberry mousse and yellow sponge cake -- A second layer on top finishes this masterpiece. Garnish with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.
Chocolate Fondue
This is wonderful with fresh strawberries, and the perfect ending to any meal.
Chicken with Wine and Tarragon
Here’s a delectable French classic that never seems to go out of style. The sauce takes only a few minutes to make, but if you prefer you can serve the chicken without it. Green beans are a good accompaniment.
Cherry Chocolate Heart
The taste-tempting flavors of hot fudge and sweetened cream cheese pair with cherries in this delectable heart-shaped dessert.
New England Lamb Chops
Serve this dish with hot noodles.
Raspberry Chocolate Heart Tart
You won't believe how easy this beautiful raspberry chocolate tart is to make.
Giant Valentine Cookie
This chewy chocolate chip cookie, topped with smooth, rich chocolate, makes a decadent treat that says Happy Valentine's Day in a giant way.
Old-Fashioned Vegetable-Beef Stew
Great for a cold day.
Linguine Piccolo with Grilled Swordfish and Parsley Anchovy Sauce
Don’t let a fear of anchovies keep you from this delicious dish. They give a roundness and depth of flavor rather than a strong hit of anchovy.
Double Chocolate Cupcakes
When you want a rich, super-chocolaty chocolate cupcake, this is the one to make. The cake is unadulterated chocolate gratification with just a hint of coffee, and the ganache is as pure as pure can get. Ah…the power of chocolate!

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