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Weeknight Chicken Dinners

Chicken again? Let us help you strike culinary gold this evening.
Angel Hair Pasta and Chicken with Oriental Dressing
The tangy Asian dressing gives this pasta dish a distinctive flair. Serve with a prepared Asian salad and Perrier water. For an added touch, garnish with chopped peanuts

Arroz con Pollo
Here’s a perfect all-in-one meal - giving busy cooks a break.
25-Minute Chicken & Noodles
This quick and easy skillet dish features all your favorite ingredients from chicken noodle soup, but without the soup...instead it's a hearty meal perfect for a busy day.
Asian Chicken Noodle Soup
Spaghettini is a good stand-in for Asian rice noodles, but if you find rice noodles, use them. You can substitute ordinary cabbage for bok choy.
Roast Chicken with Butternut Squash
Chicken quarters roasted with golden squash and sage are nice for a chilly autumn or winter evening. To help the squash to brown evenly, be sure to spoon off the fat from the roasting pan after removing the breasts.
Cheesy Chicken Chowder
When you're looking for a good bowl of soup, this quick-cooking chicken chowder is the best.  Using Cheddar cheese soup makes it easy, and adding picante sauce and green onions really punches up the flavor!
Asian Chicken with Peanuts
This sassy chicken and vegetable stir-fry is especially unique and tasty because it's topped with crunchy peanuts that add great texture and flavor.
Casserole-Roasted Chicken
A roasted chicken is one of life's simple pleasures. Roast it in a pan large enough so that it can be turned several times for extra moist, succulent meat. 
Baked Dijon Chicken
Dijon mustard and Parmesan cheese flavor this oven-fried chicken.
BBQ Chicken Tacos
Take standard barbeque fare and dress it up in a taco shell. Shredded barbequed chicken, crunchy cole slaw and shredded Monterey Jack cheese bring out all the best flavors in a crunchy shell.
Baked Chicken Parmesan
Here's a top-notch trio - golden-crusted chicken, marinara sauce and linguine!

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