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Awnings are Awesome

Awnings are Awesome

By restricting the amount of sunlight that can enter the house, awnings keep you cool and happy during the hottest months.

By FamilyTime

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Awnings improve so many things about your house, you may wonder why it’s taken so long to install them. But wait no longer: they are relatively inexpensive and easy to mount. Most do-it-yourselfers are more than capable of putting them up, and probably have all the necessary tools.

Why Awnings?

Awnings look great. They add color and personality to just about any house.

Awnings and canopies keep you cool when you’re outside in the hot summer sun. Even during the hottest part of the day, it’s usually 15 to 20 degrees cooler under the awning.

Awnings keep the inside of the house cool because they block sunlight from pouring in the windows. Installed over south-facing windows, awnings reduce solar heat in the summer by about 65 percent; installed over west-facing windows, they reduce it by about 75 percent.

Awnings protect your furniture, carpets, and drapes from fading in the sun. Because sunlight entering the room is limited, these valuable items will look their best longer.

Awnings reduce air conditioner costs. By restricting the amount of sunshine that floods the house, the interior temperatures are lower and you’re a/c won’t have to work quite as hard to keep the house cool.

What Kind to Buy?

Most of today’s awnings are made of synthetic fabrics such as polyvinyl laminates and acrylic rather than the canvas and corrugated metal of days gone by. These newer materials are water repellent, don’t fade, and rarely develop mildew.

Today, you can still buy handsome canvas awnings, designed to weather the elements and ventilated to keep them dry and sturdy. There also are nice-looking aluminum awnings and canopies that offer excellent protection from sun, rain, and wind.

You will have to decide if you want manually operated awnings—those you have to crank open and closed yourself—or the more expensive automatic ones. The advantages of the latter are that they are easily controlled with a wall switch or remote control. Some are fitted with wind sensors and automatically contract when the weather kicks up.

When choosing the awnings, take the color of your house into consideration. Also remember that light-colored awnings will deflect more sunlight than darker ones, which tend to absorb the light and heat.

Some awnings have long flaps or sides, while others are nearly flat. Some, designed to cover a patio, have screened sides so that you can create an outside room. The choice is yours, commensurate with your budget, needs, and taste.

One thing is certain: once you install awnings you will wonder why you waited so long!

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