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Helping you to organize your life better so that you have more time to spend with your family. is a web site designed to save you time and money with your routine, household tasks, and responsibilities. Read our many articles designed to assist you in the many aspects of your family life. Choose from thousands of recipes from the sources you trust most. Rate these recipes and share your opinion with other cooks just like you! You can also have delicious recipes and timely newsletters delivered right to your inbox.

Become a (FREE) member and you can do all your household planning in one fell swoop from home or work with FamilyTime’s online applications. These practical applications are easy to use and fully integrated (so no downloading any files to your desktop):

  • Never lose a favorite recipe, using the FamilyTime Recipe Box. FamilyTime gives you the ability to browse recipes and save your favorites in your own personal Recipe Box.
  • Never forget an ingredient, using the FamilyTime Shopping List. FamilyTime identifies the ingredients within the recipes you choose, adds them to your shopping list, and matches them against money-saving offers. And your shopping lists don't have to be limited to food. FamilyTime makes it easy to add all the products you buy at the grocery store - basics like detergent, paper towels, paper bags, you name it.
  • Never miss an important event, using the FamilyTime Calendar. FamilyTime also has a color-coded family calendar with an email reminder system to keep track of your family's activities.
  • Never forget an address, using the FamilyTime Address Book. FamilyTime offers an easy to use address book to centralize contacts for easy access.

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