Blind Sided

Windows get a fresh, new look when you dress them up or down with blinds. So, let the sun in!

By FamilyTime


When many of us think window treatments, we think mainly of curtains and drapes. While these are wonderful, blinds offer another silhouette completely.

Blinds can make a room look smartly contemporary or warm and retro. They let light and air into a room during the day, while after dark they provide snug privacy.

Blinds can be used in addition to drapes, or can stand on their own as the only window adornment needed. The choice is yours—but how do you reach a decision?

About Style

Consider what you want in a window treatment. If your room is large and formal with sizable windows, you may prefer to stay with drapes. On the other hand, if the room is small or crowded, simple blinds may lighten it.

If you like a modern look, consider aluminum or thin-slatted, mini blinds. For a more casual, timeless look, try wooden blinds with fairly wide slats.

White blinds are great for nighttime privacy, and let in a lot of good, reflected light during the day. Dark blinds are not as private (although they are far better than sheer curtains or bamboo shades) but are lovely during the day when the sun is hot and you want to block some heat and light.

Think Color

The old-fashioned Venetian blinds, which serve as models for so many of today’s styles, tended to be white or beige. This may be why many of us think of light, neutral colors when we select blinds.

Think again. Bold colors, ranging from canary yellow to hot pink to emerald green, can turn a simple room into one with friendly character. As a rule, blinds with thin, horizontal slats usually are the best choice for these wild colors.

Dark, mahogany wooden blinds add a touch of class to a lot of rooms, while lighter shades of natural wood evoke bygone days when houses in the tropics were shaded by similar window treatments.

More Than One Blind

Take a little time at the blind store or on websites that sell blinds. There are numerous styles available, from typical slatted blinds (both horizontal and vertical) to pleated blinds, Roman blinds, bamboo and honeycomb.

Different styles of blinds may be better suited to some rooms in your house than to others. You might decide on aluminum for the bathroom (lightweight and simple to wipe clean) and faux wood for the kitchen (easy to clean, won’t warp). Roman blinds made from pretty fabric may be just perfect in a bedroom.

Redecorate, Redecorate!

If your living room, dining room or family room is in need of a pick-me-up but not complete redoing, consider new blinds. They are reasonably priced and easy to install. And presto! The room looks new and fresh and inviting.

Regardless of the blinds you decide to buy and how you choose to use them to brighten up your rooms, get some professional help when it comes to measuring and installing. You can do both yourself, but talk to the experts who sell blinds, check out their websites, and measure accurately (a metal tape measure helps).

Before you know it, you will have new blinds! What a treat.