Decorate the Easter Table

Flowers put a smile on every face they meet; fill your table with your favorite spring blooms.

By FamilyTime

 Decorate the table this Easter with spring flowers. It's a simple, colorful, and lively way to make the table look elegant without much fuss.

It's easy to find beautiful daffodils, pansies, primroses, lilies, hyacinths, and tulips in the market or florist at this time of year. Select the flowers by color and scent.

Spring blooms vary in color, shape, and size, which means you can make your table as whimsical or stylish as you fancy.

Choose a single color or type of flower for a cool, sleek look. Mix and match colors and shapes for a fun, festive table.

Set the Table
Once you determine the table linens, plates, and stemware, set table to determine just how much room you have for a centerpiece.

This "dry run" will be useful in so many ways: you can design the centerpiece but may also discover you are missing a plate or that the napkins are stained.

Better to discover these mini disasters with time to remedy them!

Decide on the Flowers
You may want a single centerpiece, but think outside the box. How about several small arrangements running down the center of the table?

If you have space for one large floral centerpiece, order it from the florist or - more fun! -- create your own.

Fill a round, shallow basket with small pots of blooming daffodils, tulips, primroses, or hyacinths. Wrap the pots with pastel tissue paper and tie a ribbon around the basket or its handle.

Use one kind of flower or mix them up.

Another idea is to fill a collection of small glass jars, teacups, or bowls with water and arrange little bouquets in them. Arrange these anywhere on the table you have room. You may be able to give each place setting its own posey.

Flowers and Candles
Place a single beeswax candle amid the flower pots. You can make your own or buy them--their light, sweet aroma mingles deliciously with the scent of the flowers.

Tuck small blooms, rolled sections of the candles. As the light from the flame shines through the wax, it will illuminate the flowers at the same time -- another level of sophistication and beauty.

Using Flowers to Set the Table
Floral arrangements are beautiful and make a big statement, but a single flower, artfully placed on the table, makes an equally powerful statement. Choose a large flower and a color to complement the table linens and china.

A nice touch is to place a single flower on or next to each napkin. Do this no more than an hour before the meal or the flower will wilt.

If you prefer, distribute a number of small pansies directly on the each person's plate. These are perfectly edible and while we are not suggesting anyone eat them, they won't cause problems if they inadvertently get mixed in with the food.

Strew pansies over the entire tabletop. Place small candlesticks and fresh tapers on the table and you're done!

When you design a centerpiece, be sure it's no more than eight to nine inches tall. Otherwise, you won't be able to see your guests across the table. No one wants to peer through the flowers -- they only want to gaze at them.