Kids' Easter Activities

Kids love tradition. Make some of these your own!

By FamilyTime


Families and friends across the nation observe this springtime holiday with special events, colorful clothes, colored eggs and a festive dinner. As this is the most sacred holiday on the Christian calendar, of course they may also go to church.

Easter Finery
Wearing new clothes for Easter is a springtime tradition. If you can, dress your children in new or festive clothes and then make decorative Easter bonnets with your little ones out of paper plates. Let your children decorate these with colored paper, crayons and stickers -- anything to make the hat pretty. Thread yarn or ribbon through two holes in the plates so that it can be tied under a child's chin. Beautiful!

Easter Egg Decorating
Buy an Easter egg dye kit at the supermarket or use the food coloring you already have. For food coloring, measure 1/4 teaspoon of coloring into a small bowl and add 3/4 cup of hot water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Hard boil and then immerse the eggs in the dye solutions until they reach the desired hue. Remove with a slotted spoon. When completely dry, polish the eggs with a little cooking oil and a soft cloth.

If you later choose to eat the hard-boiled eggs, they should be eaten within one week. Refrigerate them until you eat them.

Hint: Boil eggs in a pan with beets and they will turn red! The kids may like this shortcut. 

Easter Egg Holders
Cut toilet tissue rolls crosswise into 4 rings. Paint the circles and let them dry before decorating them with colorful Easter stickers. Place the decorated eggs in the holders.

Easter Basket
Buy Easter baskets at a local big box store, supermarket, or pharmacy, or create baskets with recycled wooden berry containers. Thread or weave ribbon or colored construction paper through the basket for color.

Easter Egg Hunt
On Easter day, hide eggs in your own yard or in a nearby park. Give the children one of their home-made baskets and let them hunt for the hidden eggs. The prize for the most eggs? The chance to lead the other kids when they hide the eggs for you to find!