To Store Patio Furniture

Most of us put our patio and porch furniture away for the winter. Here's how!

By FamilyTime


Before the winter winds howl, put away the patio and porch furniture. Any that you leave out will fall victim to the harsh elements and could need some serious repair work come spring.

Clean and Dry

If the weather is warm enough, hose down the furniture. If not, use damp cloths to wipe it clean. In either case, wipe the hard surfaces dry with old towels.

If you see knicks or scrapes, touch them up with paint. For most touch-ups, spray paint works very well.

Remove cushions and pillows. Wipe them down with a mild detergent and water and let them dry in the sunshine. If you find mildew on the underside of a cushion, scrub it gently with a weak solution of bleach and warm water. Rinse it with warm water (or rub it with towel saturated with fresh water) and let it dry.

Once clean and dry, stuff the soft cushions and pillows in plastic bags and twist the tops closed. This will keep them dust-free all winter.

Proper Storage

Metal, plastic, and wood furniture will do just fine in an unheated garage, shed, or basement. But make sure the storage area is dry and protected from the wind.

Most patio and porch cushions will also fare well in the unheated but dry space. If you are concerned that mice or other critters might invade them, store them inside the house  in an underused closet, back room, or attic.

You'll Be Happy Come Spring

When the warming spring sunshine sends you out to your patio, porch, or deck, you'll be happy you took the time this fall to clean and store the furniture. All you need to do now is carry the furniture outside and sit back and relax!