The Holiday Front Door

Welcome friends and loved ones with a festive front door!

By FamilyTime


Our front door, decorated for the holiday, is our way of saying, “Welcome! Please come in and enjoy the season with our family!" 

You may welcome these same friends and family members through your front door dozens of times during the year, but the holidays are when we want to make everyone feel extra special. You feel even better doing so if you take time to spruce up your front entry. 

The Front Door

The door is the portal to your home. Few things change the way people perceive your house more than dressing up that door. During the holidays, a festive wreath is the very least you can do! Buy one that is big enough to make a bold statement.

Surround the door with twinkle lights, or wrap them around railings. Festoon the porch with garlands -- fresh evergreen or storebought -- and decorate them with sturdy ornaments and lights.

Dressing up the door might also mean painting it, changing the hardware, or buying an entire new door. Or it may be as simple as washing the door and polishing the glass and door knob.

The Doorway

Repair or replace the light fixtures, if necessary. A bright new door light will greet visitors cheerfully and add to their safety.

Buy a holiday doormat for the front porch. This, too, says “Welcome!" and is an easy, inexpensive way to add some seasonal warmth.

Consider a decorated wreath or evergreen spray tied with a bow.  A shiny new door knocker says to anyone who approaches your house, “Please, let us know you are here. You are our welcome guest!”

Don't hold back. Let the door welcome everyone with all the best wishes for the season and the new year to come.