Creative Book Covers

Decorating book covers for the beginning of the school year is lots of fun!

By Familytime

 When you wrap school books in colorful, fun covers, going back to school is even more exciting. Many schools require that books are covered because it protects them, but even if yours does not, it's still a great idea.

Plus, the covers demonstrate your creativity and showcase your special personality.

It's fun to get your friends together and cover books together. This way, you can spur each other on to be as creative, wild, and funny as you can.

Make Your Own Book Covers
Sturdy brown paper bags from the supermarket are the old standby for book covers. These are tried and true, but far more interesting if you decorate them. Instead of paper bags, use can buy rolls of brown paper.

Also think about using leftover wallpaper, wrapping paper, and even the comic pages from the newspaper.

Spread the paper on a flat surface and lay the book, spread open, on the paper. Fold the opposite in ends of the paper over the hard cover and gently close the book to make sure there is enough "give" to close the book. When you are satisfied the paper is large enough, trim it to leave a two-three inches fold-over inside the book's cover.

To make room for the book's spine, cut the paper at both edges of the bookbinding and remove it so that it's even with the top and bottom of the spine.

Decorate book covers with stickers, draw on them with magic markers, colored pencils, or crayon, make designs on them with glue and sprinkle it with glitter. Stamp designs on the covers with rubber stamps and colored ink.

Another idea is to encase a favorite photo of you and your friends, your pet, your vacation, or even your baby brother in a plastic sleeve and affix it to the cover of the book. Or make a collage of cut-outs from magazines or old family photos.

Modern Book Covers The most up-to-date and modern version of book covers are book socks. These are sold everywhere: large supermarkets, office supply stores, discount stores, craft stores, and large pharmacies. Look for these anywhere school supplies are sold!

Book socks slip right over the books, as easy as one-two-three! One size fits, so these are super handy. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns to fit anyone's style.

Off-Beat Covers For the student who would rather not cover his or her books with paper or with store-bought book socks, there are other options.

Covering books in fabric is an out-of-the ordinary idea. Use leftover fabric lying around the house - from drapes, clothing, or slipcovers.

Cut up a discarded oil-cloth tablecloth or other pliable piece of cloth. These are sturdy and durable.

Slippery fabric such as silk, satin, or terrycloth is not recommended.

Finally, don't forget to mark which book is which. You will soon remember that your math has the blue cover and your social studies book is covered with silver stars, but until you do, you need to be able to grab the right book between classes.

Have a great year at school!