Valentine's Day Bouquets

Let the flowers you choose say what's in your heart.

By FamilyTime

 All fresh flowers are lovely and even a small bouquet says "Happy Valentine's Day."

This year, when you buy flowers, have some fun and select blooms with special romantic meaning. Such interpretations are meant to charm and delight. In the final analysis, choose flowers you and your loved ones like!

Valentine's Day is a good one for florists, accounting for more than 16 percent of their annual holiday sales. This is good news for consumers, as well. It means the selection is first rate.

What Flowers Mean
Fresh flowers brighten up a room and make everyone smile. They are a small way to add color and beauty. They tell others you are thinking of them.

On Valentine's Day, flowers say "I love you!" as eloquently as a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Individual flowers hold their own meaning and every month boasts a special flower. February's flower is the violet, which, according to the California Cut Flower Commission, means "modesty, virtue, and faithfulness."

For centuries, gardeners, poets, and lovers have assigned meaning to flowers. Following are some of the most popular blooms and, according to some,  their romantic meanings.

Ambrosia = reciprocal love
Pink carnation = I will never forget you
Red chrysanthemum = I love you
Daffodil = Unrequited love
Daisy = innocence and loyalty
Forget-me-not = true love
Gardenia = secret love
Calla lily = beauty
Lily-of-the-valley = sweetness
White lily = purity
Narcissus = stay as sweet as you are
Orange blossom = eternal love
Orchid = love and beauty
Primrose = I can't live without you
Red tulip = declaration of love
Stephanotis = happiness in marriage
Yellow tulip = sunshine in your smile
Blue violet = I'll be true
Viscaria = let's dance
Magenta zinnia = lasting affection

Roses Are for Lovers
Roses are in a category by themselves. Giving them is the quintessential romantic gesture, although you may be surprised to learn that not all roses mean love. Some represent other emotions: dark crimson roses are for times of mourning and yellow roses speak of jealousy and waning love!

Most roses signify love.

Single full-bloom rose = I love you
Hibiscus rose = delicate beauty
Pink roses = perfect happiness
Red rosebud = pure and lovely
Tea rose = I will remember you always
White roses = innocence and purity
Red roses = love
Thornless rose = love at first sight

When you buy roses, make sure the foliage is green. The petals on the bud should have begun to unfurl. Choose flowers with more flexible than woody stems; these will last the longest.

Care and Feeding of Cut Flowers
All cut flowers should be cared for so that they last as long as possible. Put them in a draft-free place away from direct sunlight and heat vents. Spray-mist the blooms and leaves and top off the water daily.

Here are some more tips:

  • Use clean vases or other containers.
  • Remove leaves that will be under water.
  • Recut the stems with a sharp knife or scissors to help with water intake.
  • Recut the stems every three days.
  • Put flowers in clean, cool water as soon as possible.
  • Add floral food from the florist to the water.
  • Use the amount of floral food recommended; no more
  • Change the water and floral food every three or four days.

    Flowers are welcome anywhere anytime, but especially on Valentine's Day. Enjoy those you buy or receive - their beauty is fleeting but their meaning eternal.