Candles for the Thanksgiving Table

Illuminate your feast with the glow of candles.

By FamilyTime


Candles lend gentle light and peace to any table, and Thanksgiving is no exception. If you have your meal as the short day ends and the sky dims, the lighted candles are especially reassuring and welcoming.

Keep Them Low

Short, thick, pillar candles are the best choice. Buy them in autumn colors such as orange, cranberry, beige, and green and be sure to purchase different heights.

Group the candles in groups of three or five. Odd numbers work best for a centerpiece, with perhaps one relatively tall candle and two shorter ones.

Keep Them Safe

Set the candles on a flat plate, tray, or tile. You can set them directly on the table but know that they could drip wax on its finish.

A large, shallow glass bowl or pottery dish, appropriately rustic for the season, is a good place for the candles, too. Scatter pretty stones or glass marbles around them.

If you are very careful, you can nestle the candles in a wreath, but be sure that the wicks are well above the wreath. You could also tie a pretty bow around the candle, partway down its shaft.

More Ideas

Tapirs inside glass globes or inserted in gleaming silver candlesticks are lovely, too. These are more formal than the pillar candles but equally pretty.

Buy fresh candles and light them just before sitting down to the feast. Enjoy the glow of the candles and the warmth of your loved ones gathered around the table.