The Holidays Are Here! Why Do I Feel Blue?

Feeling a little depressed? We're here to help!

By FamilyTime


Vague, hard-to-define feelings of sadness and anxiety are not uncommon during the holidays. What should be a joyous season can instead be stressful and lonely. It does not have to be this way!

10 Tips for Banishing Those Holiday Blues!

1. Keep expectations sensible. Organize your time and don't try to do too much. Lists are very helpful during this time of year. Keep them realistic.

2. Stay in the here and now. This holiday season is unlike any other, and just as special as last year's or the holidays you remember from your childhood. Enjoy it!

3. Simplify traditions. Don't bake more cookies than you can easily manage. Decorate the house only as much as you feel like. You are not in competition with yourself or anyone else.

4. Revel in the season without spending a lot of money. Admire Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Visit friends. Attend holiday concerts at local churches and schools. Window shop.

5. Make a reasonable gift list and don't overspend. Pace yourself when you shop. Buy online when you can. 

6. Go easy on drinking and eating. Enjoy both but remember that overdoing either can make you feel depressed or angry at yourself. Get enough sleep, too.

7. Excercise. Take a brisk walk. Smile at your neighbors.

8. Volunteer your time. Few things make us feel better than giving of our time and ourselves.

9. Remember the elderly and shut-ins. Holidays can be especially hard for older people. Visit or call them; include them when you can.

10. Celebrate the entire season. Don't put all your expectations on a single day, party, or event.