A Festive, Holiday Stairway

When you deck the halls, don't forget the stairway!

By FamilyTime


Your stairway may be the perfect place to add a little extra holiday beauty to your house. This is particularly true if the stairway is visible from the front door or living room, or if it’s an especially spectacular one.

Start with Garlands

The first and most obvious step is to weave garlands of greenery through the banisters and around the railing. You can buy garlands made from real pine, and these will smell wonderful. Imitation garlands work beautifully, too. They may look like pine, but also may resemble holly or ivy -- or some unrealistic but nevertheless pretty green.

Consider including a secondary garland made from pinecones, to add the look of the forest to your decoration.

Decorate the Garlands

Once the garlands are in place, dress them up with sparkling metallic strands of berries, stars, or other decorations. Consider ideas such as sprigs of holly interspersed in the garland, or hang unbreakable Christmas balls on the garland.

Tie a big, splashy bow around the newel post, or at intervals along the garland. These may be made of satin or grosgrain ribbon, in red, green, silver, gold, or plaid.

Practical Considerations

Measure the length of the stairway to determine how long the garland should be. Double the length so that you can wind and drape the garland as the spirit moves you. You probably will want it to droop artfully between the banisters.

If you plan to entwine twinkle lights in the garland, make sure you can easily turn them on and off. For safety, do not leave them on when you leave the house or go to bed.