Plan a Hike!

Get the kids involved when you plan a family hike. Everyone will have more fun.

By FamilyTime


Hiking with the kids is a wonderful activity for everyone from tots to teens. Not only is it healthful and stimulating, it won't break the bank. And at the end of the day, everyone will feel happily tired and contentedly connected.

Let the Kids Help Plan

As terrific as hiking is, your kids may not leap for joy when you suggest a weekend outing. If they have hiked before, they will be more enthusiastic but if not, there are ways to pique their interest.

Youngsters love to help plan activities. Search out hiking trails that are not too far from home — no one likes to spend hours in the car. Pore over maps with the children and let them look up hiking areas online and in travel books.

If they are interested in certain wildlife or rock formations, consider these when selecting a hiking locale.  

Discuss what clothes, snacks, and other supplies to pack. If they are old enough, let the kids pack their own backpack or daypack. (Double check to make sure they get it right.)

Even young children can carry a daypack, but take care not to overload a young, growing body. Young teenagers can carry nearly as much as an adult, but should not overdo it.

Pack Light
Each youngster should have a change of clothes in case they get wet, extra socks, a sweatshirt, and pair of long pants. Natural fabrics such as cotton are best for hiking. Bring along bathing suits if the weather is warm.

Hiking boots should cover the ankles. If you buy new ones, have the kids wear them for at least a few days before the trip to avoid sore feet and painful blisters.

Pack lightweight raingear. Don't forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and first-aid supplies.

Take along bottled water. Don't let kids drink directly from streams, no matter how clean they appear. If you plan to drink and cook with water from streams and lakes, bring water purifying tablets or filters.

You’re now ready to get going. You and your family are in for a glorious day in the great out-of-doors.