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Spring Arrives!

Fresh, bright flavors herald spring! We've recipes for all your favorites.
Shrimp and Rice Patties With Creamy Cilantro Sauce
Our shrimp and rice patties are a lovely, light meal and if you double the number and make smaller patties, you can serve these as hors d’oeuvres.
Betty Crocker® Lemon-Raspberry Yellow Cake
The red raspberry preserves filling in this lemony yellow cake makes each slice pretty as a picture!
Sweet-and-Sour Glazed Ham
A baked ham is the perfect centerpiece for a holiday party. This one is basted with a sweet-and-sour sauce that doubles has a sauce to pass at the table. How ever you choose to serve it, this is a surefire hit.
Asparagus with Fresh Chive Butter
Asparagus is an elegant vegetable that is especially flavorful. Look for straight stalks with tightly closed and pointed tips.
Angel Hair Pasta With Lemon and Chicken
The fresh flavor burst of lemon perfectly accents the chicken and angel hair pasta in this quick and easy dish. Serve with a generous topping of Parmesan cheese and a tossed green salad.
Fennel and Red Onion Salad with Parmesan
Crisp raw fennel, pungent onion, and a sprightly lemon and orange dressing make for a delectable salad. A food processor with a slicing attachment cuts the fennel in no time.
Herbed Lemon Sauce
This quick sauce perks up the flavor of leftover veggies and sandwiches!
Fresh Lemon Meringue Pie
This classic lemon meringue pie is a crowd pleaser.
Premier White Lemony Cheesecake
Lemon and white chocolate combine for an elegant and luscious dessert. Try this in the springtime -- at Easter or a bridal shower -- to rave reviews.
Lemon Tea Bread
The lemon glaze adds an extra hint of sweetness to bake-and-serve bread.
Lemon Bars
What better baked good to offer with cold or hot drinks than mouth-watering lemon bars!
Grilled Leg of Lamb
Grilling lamb this way couldn't be easier. Watch the lamb carefully, though, as it's a little more lumpy than a steak and will cook a little unevenly. A lot of folks prefer this: Everyone gets meat cooked exactly how they like!
Fiesta Tea Spritzer
This iced tea with bubbles will please all your party-goers. Served in margarita glasses, this cool beverage seems a little more special than regular iced tea. Serve it at your next get-together.
Fiddleheads with Butter and Lemon
Celebrate spring! Fresh fiddleheads, simply cooked, are a springtime treat. Serve them with broiled chicken, poached fish, or tossed with pasta.
Steamed Salmon with Watercress and Lemon Butter
Steaming keeps fish moist and couldn’t be quicker. Here watercress is steamed with the salmon, and both benefit from a spoonful of lemon butter.
Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon
Lemon zest and rosemary subtly accent the pan juices of this tender roast chicken. Perfect for a small holiday gathering or just as welcome at a family meal.
The Classic Lemon Charlotte Rousse
This recipe, once tried, becomes like a friend...never forgotten and invited to many special occasions. At no time is it more welcome than over the holidays.

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