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Spiderweb Munch

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This was a very easy and the kids like it very much

Wonderful, however when using toothpick go every other stoke from outside edge. This makes a better looking spider web.

Be careful not to get rice krispies on the floor like I did. This would be a fun recipe for mom's to make with the kids.

Both of my boys love this recipe is easy to make- also thanks for this recipe. God Bless You All.

Kids Loved it. Easy to make & supplies have on hand to make are readily available.

I made this for my daughter for school. The kids all thought it was great.

Very nice for Halloween!

I made this for our office Halloween party and everybody loved it. It was easy, fun, and very good. I had to tell everyone where to get the recipe.

Microwave the chocolate and PB, works great and fast, use a paper pastry bag to pipe the PB on top for the web, doesn't burn like a plastic baggie, and less mess. Warmed the PB in the jar!

I made this recipe last year. I found it on Family It was a big hit at my kid's school for their annual cake walk fundraiser. I had many parents asking me for the recipe. It was easy and tasty, and it looks good too.

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