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Bacon Scallion Burgers

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Could use a bit more spice for my taste, but my husband thinks they're great. Not sure why another review asked about the bacon, the recipe is clearly spelled out.

Just a plain ole burger... Had to spice it up!

What do you do with the Bacon? The picture does not show any bacon at all. Do you mix the ground meat and the bacon together before you cook it? Do you place the bacon on top of the meat after it is cooked? The recipe does not say what to do with the bacon.

Well, I'm from PA, so I'm allowed to laugh at that. Brutally cold was this mnirong here. I think it was 12. It hurt my face. I don't understand people who dress up in that much fur for snuggling or whatever it is they do in that monstrosity. Don't they get like volcano hot later? I do. And then it would all come off. And then that's where ya get your action. See how that works? Hee.

I think everybody should know how to make the All American dish - The Hamburger. For those that don't this is an excellent recipe.

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