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The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy

This tooth fairy has been around for generations. Does she visit your house?

By FamilyTime

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If you have little ones, chances are your house will get — or is getting — visits from that ethereal nighttime well-wisher and financier: the tooth fairy.

It’s hard to trace the origin of this little fairy, but evidence shows she is part of the lore of Northern Europe and Great Britain. Some early references reveal that when a child lost her sixth tooth, she received a small payment. Others indicate that it was the first tooth lost by a tot that was rewarded with a tann-fé or tooth fee.

The Money

As the generations passed, the custom of leaving a small payment beneath a child’s pillow in exchange for a lost baby tooth developed so that today most of the country (and much of Europe) shares the tradition. The payment is nearly always cash.

How much a child receives is left up to the parent. The average amount in the U.S.A. is about $1.50, although everyone knows of that “kid in my class” who gets five or even ten dollars a tooth!

The Fairy

Most people believe the tooth fairy resembles a human female to some degree, although some families ascribe animal features (a cute mouse or bunny) to her. No one seems to think the tooth fairy is male.

The Child

When kids reach age six or seven, many discover the tooth fairy is not real. Apparently most kids don’t mind.

They would mind if a parent or older brother or sister spilled the beans, but reasoning it out themselves is fine. Nevertheless, they still want to keep the practice going until all baby teeth are gone. (It pays!)

The Parents

Parents like the tooth fairy because it affirms that their child is still very much a child. He might be getting his second teeth and growing like a weed, but he still clings to this vestige of young childhood.

If the tooth fairy is a frequent guest at your house, rejoice. She represents nothing but gentle childhood fun and whimsy.

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