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Father's Day Fun and Games

Father's Day Fun and Games

Father's Day or not, dads are usually up for playing games with their kids — or just hanging out!


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Kids love hanging out with their dads and what better day to make sure there will be prime hanging-out time than Father’s Day?

The most important gift any child, regardless of his or her age, can give their father is the gift of time. Clear the decks and get ready to spend time and have fun with dear old Dad.

Close to Home

June 21 might be a day Dad decides he wants to stay around the house. If the children are young, they will be happy just spending time with their dad, crawling over his legs as he lies on the couch…climbing onto his back when he stretches out on the floor.

Older children may want to play a board or video game with Dad. Maybe a better choice would be to play basketball inthe driveway or at a nearby park, or hop on bikes and take an energizing ride together. A pick-up soccer game or backyard catch is always fun, too.

Farther Afield

It might be fun to plan an outing with Dad that involves his favorite sports or other physical endeavor. Maybe a hike in a nearby state park, a trip to the local pool or beach for some fun in the water; or an hour on a climbing wall at a local climbing gym.

Dad might want to see the latest summer blockbuster at the local theater. Load up on popcorn and enjoy a few hours in the movie’s darkened theater while the screen explodes with action and adventure.

Whatever it comes down to, the most important part of Father’s Day is the time dads and children spend together, just hanging out or doing something a little more organized.

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