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Make Spring Cleaning Family Fun!

Make Spring Cleaning Family Fun!

Follow these simple steps and make your annual spring-cleaning a family affair.

By FamilyTime

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Spring is in the air and its time to tackle the damage that winter may have wrought on your home. Spring-cleaning need not consume days of your time, but it's not a one-person job, either. Delegate tasks to the entire family.

Kids and Cleaning!
We all know how much kids like to clean. Right! But if you make a game out of it or give them a special task you know they enjoy, you may actually win the battle!

Children love big sponges and soapy water--you can purchase sponges that are animal shapes or cartoon characters. As for the water, choose a job that can be done outside like washing screens.

Kids are also fascinated with feather dusters, polishing furniture and cleaning windows. Make it fun by selecting furniture and windows the kids can reach.Use fun printed paper towels and personalized spray bottles.

Music always inspires fun -- let the kids choose their tunes to clean by. Make the music loud! Dance with the broom!

Make a List
Decide what supplies you will need, make a list, shop for them, and then decide who does what job.

Once you have your list and your supplies, schedule several days on your calendar for spring cleaning and maintenance. Small blocks of time work well for smaller jobs. Schedule longer blocks for larger jobs. Start with one item and work down the list, checking each item as it's completed. 

A long winter leaves its mark on your windows and doors. Let the sun inside with clean windows, windowsills, doors, and doorways! Use some of the new cleaning products on the market to help cut the cleaning time and make cleaning easier.

Swiffers are great to use attached to the mop handle or by hand to eliminate dust before washing windows, sills, and doors. Swiffers Wet are already dampened with cleaning solution and can wipe away dirt, dust and winter grime in no time.

Kids like to wipe down surfaces that instantly look cleaner, so arm them with Swiffers and let them have a go at windows, sills, and doors.

Usher in the Sun
Fill a bucket with warm water and strong cleaning liquid to mop away winter residue and germs from the kitchen, bathroom, and entranceway floors. Use a saturated sponge to deodorize and clean baseboards and radiators.

Use a solution of cleaning liquid and warm water and a scrub brush to clean screen doors and window screens. Wipe down air conditioning units with it, too. Soak air-conditioning filters in a fresh, clean hot, soapy water and let them dry. Now they're ready for summer!

To bring a fresh clean springtime scent into all your rooms, vacuum upholstered furniture and drapes and leave the windows open for an hour or so -- at least if the sun is shining and the air warm and balmy.

Gather up all of the vases you've been using for dried flower, the plates under plants, and candleholders and carefully load them into the dishwasher.

If you have outdoor entertaining cutlery, dishware and glassware stowed away from last year, now is a great time to run them through the dishwasher. You'll be ready for the first warm afternoon lunch or dinner.

Just Rewards!
Try to make spring-cleaning as enjoyable as possible by rewarding your helpers for a job well done. An impromptu pizza night? Movie passes? Or how about an extra hour of sleep on Saturday morning?

Tell your family how much you appreciate their work. Once the list is checked off, encourage everyone to sit back and enjoy the fresh environs. Your home will be easier to maintain from week to week once you have completed these initial major tasks.

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