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Log Cabins Made from Pretzels

Log Cabins Made from Pretzels

An edible log cabin for the kids and the birds!

By FamilyTime

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Log cabins symbolize our country's past, and as such still fascinate us - especially kids. Now they can create their own miniature cabin, and then share it with the birds when they are done.

Everything but the milk carton base is edible. All the ingredients are easily available and most parents will have them on hand. You'll love making these with your own kids, as a party activity, or a project for Scouts or a similar group.

Assemble the Ingredients
You will need the following items to construct a log cabin:

1 /2 -pint milk carton, cardboard box, or juice box
Large or small pretzel sticks
Peanut butter, vanilla or chocolate canned frosting
Graham crackers
Gumdrops or similar round candy
Decorator icing tubes

To construct a larger log cabin, use the milk carton or cardboard box. For a smaller one, use the juice box.

The same is true for the pretzel sticks. Use larger sticks for the larger cabins and smaller, more slender sticks for the smaller cabin.

Build the Cabin
To assemble the log cabin, use a butter knife or small offset spatula to coat the entire carton or box with the peanut butter or the canned frosting. The choice is yours, depending on your preference or what you have on hand.

Work steadily; don't let the peanut butter or frosting harden. Press a graham cracker into the center of one side of the box for a door.

Alternating on opposite sides, put two pretzel sticks on the bottom of the box. Rotate the box and put two more pretzel sticks on top of each another at the corners of the box. Repeat this process until you have covered the flat surfaces of the box entirely, cutting the pretzels sticks to fit around the door.

Press two graham crackers onto the slanted portion of the box for the roof (add a thin layer of peanut butter or frosting if necessary to help these adhere). Finish the roof with pretzel log trim.

Use gumdrops as a doorknob. Use the tubes of frosting to make designs on the roof or to outline windows.

These cabins make charming centerpieces or mantelpiece decorations. When they dry out, put them outside for the birds to finish off - particularly if you used peanut butter which our feathered friends love!

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