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Valentine's Day Dinner For Two

Valentine's Day Dinner For Two

Lightly seared tuna served on a bed of pasta is a lovely and easy dinner for two on this romantic evening.

By FamilyTime

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Put the kids to bed, light a fire in the fireplace, and set a table in a cozy spot. It's the perfect night to treat yourselves to a simple yet romantic meal.

For Starters
Start the evening with a nice glass of wine or a flute of Champagne. Set out some iced caviar with all the trimmings: toast points, chopped hard-cooked eggs, and lemon wedges. Indulge in true luxury.

Easy Cooking
This menu requires about 15 minutes in the kitchen, the tasks are simple and you can complete them together. Some parts of the meal can even be made ahead of time.

Preparing the olive sauce for the pasta and fish beforehand will take some of the stress off during the dinner preparation. You can also put the water on to boil for the pasta while you're pouring the Champagne.

Make sure you begin with impeccably fresh tuna and then cook it lightly on a hot grill pan. Let it sit for a few minutes while the pasta cooks.

The salad greens can be washed and dried well ahead of time and tossed in a bowl, waiting for the dressing. If you refrigerate them, be sure to give them ample time to warm to room temperature. No one likes an icy-cold salad.

Whisk the vinaigrette just before drizzling it over the greens.

Chocolate for Dessert
We selected an easy, make-ahead chocolate pie for dessert. This requires at least eight hours chill time, so make it the day before. Serve it with freshly whipped cream and some fresh raspberries or strawberries for a little extra treat.

The pie is too large for two people? Never mind - eat what you can and then refrigerate the leftovers. The kids will devour it in the next day or two!

A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Meal
As the fire dies, and the last crumbs of chocolate pie are left on your plates, take time to talk about your day, your family, your dreams. Even if you haven't had a "date" in years, treat this evening like one.

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