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No More Bathroom Blues

No More Bathroom Blues

With just a little attention and planning, any bathroom can look great!

By FamilyTime

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If your bathroom is looking dull, drab, or out of date, just a few changes can make a big difference. Smaller bathrooms will seem bigger, large bathrooms more pulled together, and the room will feel serene and peaceful, just right for unwinding in a bubble bath or re-invigorating in a hot shower.

Lighten and Brighten
Unless you have a very large space, go for neutral, calm colors when you redesign your bathroom. Pale yellow, pink, blue, gray, or green are peaceful tones. White or off-white is always a safe choice. Paint trim white or in a color just a little lighter than the walls.

If you want to wallpaper the bathroom, choose sturdy paper that can withstand moisture. Select a calm, cool color or uncomplicated pattern. It’s a good idea to install a venting fan in a bathroom, especially one with papered walls.

Choose a light color for the floor. You may decide not to change the existing floor, be it tile or linoleum. If it’s dark, a light colored bathroom rug can help. Buy the largest rug that will fit without interfering with function. A single rug is better than several small ones.

Update the light fixtures. Good light makes a tremendous difference in most rooms and nowhere is this more true than the bathroom.

Most bathrooms have overhead lights, which are not the most soothing. Install lighting fixtures on either side of the mirror to provide the best light for makeup and shaving. (These are far superior to strip makeup lights, regardless of how much you like the way they look!)

If it’s possible, install a recessed light in the tub or shower enclosure. This will help a lot on dark days and early mornings.

Replace a Few Things
Unless you are spending money on a complete bathroom renovation, you will not replace the sink, toilet, shower, or tub. This does not mean you can’t replace a few, less expensive things to give new life to the bathroom.

As much as you can, eliminate anything that protrudes into the room. If you have space, get rid of the medicine cabinet and replace it with a large, flat mirror. Large mirrors reflect light and the room’s colors and give you a sense of space.

Take down unnecessary shelves. Install a narrow, tall cabinet on a spare wall, great for storing toiletries. Or, rearrange a linen closet to hold these items.

Replace the vanity with one that has drawers, which are more useful than deep cabinets. Consider a natural wood finish to add warmth to the room.

Replace a frosted shower door with clear glass, or a shower curtain that pulls back and makes the room seem larger. Buy a new shower head with a more powerful or pleasing spray. Replace the faucet on the sink with a more stylish one.

Think about contrasting the hard, shiny surfaces found in all bathrooms with softer textures and materials when you accessorize. Natural fibers and wood are good choices.

Color is not the enemy in a bathroom, but to maintain the room’s serenity, you don’t want too many different hues. Introduce color with bright plush towels, a picture, or a bathroom rug.

Replace tired looking hand towels, window curtains, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes. Buy sleek modern ones, or warm, old-fashioned looking ones but make sure everything matches stylistically.

A new shower curtain makes a big statement and if your shower rod is not attached to the wall, replace it, too. And don’t forget about shower hooks. Get rid of chipped or rusted ones.

Finally, keep surfaces as clear as you can. Reduce clutter by storing items in drawers, closets, or baskets. The less “stuff” that meets the eye, the calmer and prettier the room.

Once you repaint and replace some fixtures, scrub the floor, windows, and walls, cut down on clutter, or buy new towels, bathmats, and curtains, you will feel like you have a new room in the house. And that’s a good feeling!

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