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How to Unplug

How to Unplug

If you decided to take the plunge, here's how to unplug successfully

By FamilyTime

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If you have decided to unplug this summer, here are a few ways to achieve success.

Chances are your kids will not immediately see any reason to pull the plugs on their entertainment. In fact, they may very well put up a fight.

Talk to the Kids
This is not a punishment but an experiment in living. If they are old enough, let the kids determine some of the parameters. Talk to them about the idea and what they and you might get from unplugging. This will allow them ownership.

Let them come up with compromises. For example, perhaps allow an hour of TV a day, or reinstate video games on weekends. Maybe cell phones are appropriate when the kids leave the house but are turned off when they are home or spending time with the family.

There are any number of ways your family can structure unplugged time.

Successful Unplugging
Experts warn that some children will go through a testy period when they withdraw from electronic stimulation. This lasts only a few days but it’s important to recognize it for what it is.

After a few weeks, sit down with your kids and discuss how the unplugged summer is going. Don't expect complete acceptance but don't be surprised if the children don't seem too upset by the lack of video games or cell phones. 

Chances are everyone will want to continue with the new arrangement, or they may want to alter the system by adding a few hours of TV, deciding to watch more movies, or ditching text messaging.

No one expects you or your family to disengage from technology. It’s hardly possible or desirable in our 21st Century world, but everyone will benefit from a few weeks of unplugged down time.

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