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Put on Your Easter Bonnet With All the Frills Upon It

Put on Your Easter Bonnet With All the Frills Upon It

With homemade Easter bonnets and a sense of fun, you and the kids can stage a colorful and light-hearted Easter parade

By Barbara Albright

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Easter, a sure sign of spring, is the perfect time to get all spruced up in your Sunday finery - which must include an Easter bonnet!

Making jaunty hats from paper plates is an enjoyable way to spend time with the kids-both boys and girls get a kick out the project. Gather your own offspring together and invite their friends for an afternoon of creativity.

When the hats are decorated and donned, the kids can march through the neighborhood, staging their own Easter parade!

Take the idea a few steps further and encourage the children to decorate bicycles, wagons and amiable pets for a truly festive and eye-catching parade. Involve everyone on your street or neighborhood. Plan it so that the parade ends just in time for an egg hunt!

Getting the Supplies Together
To get started, use large plain white paper plates or bowls as bases for the hats. Cover them with tissue paper or wrapping paper - or not. Use your imagination and judgement.

Rely on crepe paper, yarn, shoelaces, plastic lacing, or ribbon to secure the hats under young chins. Punch holes in the sides and string the ties through them. You can knot them into each hole or run the ribbon or crepe paper over the top of the plate.

If you look around the house, you probably will find that you have the makings for fine, home-crafted millinery.

Check out recycling materials, craft supplies, small toys or figurines, and old costume jewelry. Use construction paper to cut out flowers and other springtime shapes.

Constructing the Hats
Make a plan for the hat or just start gluing items to it randomly with a glue gun or tacky glue. Make sure there's adult supervision if the kids are using glue guns.

Kids can decorate only the top of the hat or fashion dangles to hang off the brim. For instance, for a glorious ruffle, make paper-punch holes around the edge of the paper plate and string them with colorful curling ribbon.

Loop yarn around the edge and hot glue it to the tops of plastic foam balls or fuzzy pompoms.

Attach a plastic foam ball to the top of the plate. Insert colored pipe cleaners in it and then bend them into wild and wacky shapes. Top a plate with a small nest filled with plastic Easter eggs.

Decorate the plate with glitter, markers, or stickers. Glue a bouquet of paper flowers to the crown of the hat.

Think about how the hat will look from all sides - top, sides, front, and back. And if a spring breeze picks up during the parade, hold onto your hat!

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