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Are You a Procrastinator? Learn How to Cope

Are You a Procrastinator? Learn How to Cope

Folow these easy steps to help you complete what needs to get done.

By FamilyTime

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Does it seem you just can't get anything done? You have good intentions but instead of moving forward, you feel as thought you're treading water.

Tackle your tendency to put things off by determining just what type of procrastinator you are. Then, follow these simple tips.

Don't put this off!

"It Has to be Perfect"
Diagnosis: You do not have adequate information to proceed, so you stall until you have every last detail. You'd rather put off completing a task than do it poorly.

Cure: Just do it--and give yourself permission to be imperfect. And because of your perfectionist tendencies, more than likely you will do a great job!

"I Don't Want To"
Diagnosis: You resist tackling something you don't want to do. You refuse to change.

Cure: Set aside time for each project. Create a time-line by outlining the necessary steps to complete each task. Stick to the time-line.   

"I Can't Say No"
Diagnosis: You say yes to every project that comes your way. You never ask for help, and you take on too much to be effective.

Cure: Learn to accept only projects of real interest. Before accepting anything new, wait 24 hours. Consult your calendar to make sure you really have the time to take on new responsibilities.   

"I Give Up"
Diagnosis: You cannot stay with a project long enough to finish it. You forget minute details.

Cure: Focus on one thing at a time. Make a list of what needs to be done for completion. Make an effort to work for a designated time. Set a timer. Begin with short intervals and gradually increase the time.

"What If I Can't Do the Job Well?"
Diagnosis: You put off tasks until the very last possible moment. You are wrought with indecision and worry that you won't do the job well.

Cure: Make an effort to complete what you have avoided. Develop a positive affirmation such as, "I complete my projects on time and with ease" and repeat it several times a day. Post it above your desk. After a few projects are done, you will realize you had nothing to worry about.

"I Work Best Under Pressure"
Diagnosis: You are unable to start to work until the very last moment because you are convinced you work best under pressure. Your lack of time management skills means you rarely complete the project on time.

Cure: Schedule time for projects. Create a time-line and use it as a visual aid. Make a commitment to start the project earlier than you think necessary.

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