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Snow Boarding: Get It Right!

Snow Boarding: Get It Right!

With the right equipment and attitude, everyone will have fun!

By FamilyTime

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If your child takes up snow boarding, there are a few things parents should keep in mind. With the right equipment, attention to safety, and an enthusiastic attitude, everyone will have a great time!

The Right Equipment
As with skiing, safety is the number-one issue for young boarders. This means having the right gear as well as learning from an expert how to wear it right.

At most mountain resorts, when kids take lessons, they rent gear. This is far less costly than buying equipment. (When you and your child are committed to the sport, you can buy the gear.) Additionally, if the snow boarding school insists on safety gear (and they all do), your child will cooperate more readily.

Every boarder should wear a helmet. It's too easy to catch an edge and pitch headfirst or backwards into the snow. Protect your children’s skulls!

Wrist guards prevent wrist, finger, and thumb injuries when kids break a fall with their hands. Extra padding around the knees and backside cushion the inevitable falls, too.

Most riders use a step-in style of binding, which has no back and attaches to the sole of the boot. Others use what is called a freestyle binding with a high back. Snowboard instructors recommend the former, particularly for beginners.

Parent Snowboarders
Many moms and dads grew up skiing rather than snow boarding and because few ski resorts allow boarders and skiers on the same trails, some parents may decide to take up boarding. The urge to glide down the mountainside with their kids is a great motivator. This could lead to disappointment.

The similarities between the sports are far fewer than the differences. Boarding evolved from skate boarding and surfing, not skiing. Those used to four edges may encounter frustration when they try to maneuver their way down the mountain on two edges.

The best way to insure some success is to take lessons. Even so, at the end of the day, skiiers may decide to stick with skis! But doing so won't stop you from admiring your youngster fly down the mountain doing a "backside shifty" or simply being "phat!"

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