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Plans for a Family Reunion

Plans for a Family Reunion

Plan well ahead for a family reunion. This way, everyone has a good time--including you!

By FamilyTime

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Family reunions are lots of fun and to be successful, they require some careful planning. You might want to start now for a reunion next summer or even next fall. Either way, we have some helpful hints and tips that should make yours the best ever!

First, decide on the size of the reunion. The further back you go on the family tree, the more people you will find to invite. Include everyone from the branches of the family you decide on.

Set a date. If this is an annual or bi-annual event, the approximate date may already be determined.

Assign yourself chairperson (if you want it!) and then recruit other family members to head sub-committees. Some ideas:

  • Guest list, invitation, and name tag committee
  • Location committee
  • Food committee
  • Activities committee
  • Set-up and clean-up committee
  • Financial committee

Keep track of the subcommittees' progress in a master notebook or file.

A backyard may be large enough for a small reunion. Otherwise, consider a hotel, catering hall, state park, campground, or small college or conference center with dormitory space. 

Send a list of hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts, and guest houses with the invitation. Holding the reunion at an all-in-one location usually is easiest.

The menu can be as simple as a potluck supper or barbecue. Pre-select restaurant or hotel menus (with two or three choices). Or you might decide to hire a caterer. 

Take time talking to the caterer. You don't want to be faced with hidden costs that could destroy the budget. Make sure the caterer can supply a vegetarian entree as well as other food.

Tally all expenses and create a budget. Figure out how much the cost will be for each family member. Try to keep expenses down so that everyone can participate.

Negotiate with the most obvious lodgings for reduced family rates. Keep these costs separate from the other expenses.

Depending on the size of the family, plan some activities. How about a softball game? A sing-along? A family slide show? Skits and humorous poems?

If you decide on a theme, let everyone know well ahead of time. Give them ideas for ways to participate in the theme.

Encourage family members to bring photo albums. Organize a scrapbook or family photo display beforehand. Recruit a photographer to take group shots and someone to videotape the highlights.

Have fun!

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