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When You Want to Sell Your House

When You Want to Sell Your House

The more you do now, the bigger the payoff when you put the house on the market.

By Geraldine Oberman

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Selling your home is stressful, to say the least! Here are some tips to make it easier and more profitable. (In our experience, the latter goes a long way to alleviating the stress!)

Spring is traditionally the best time to sell a home and although it's still wintertime, the spring real estate market will be upon us soon. If you are thinking about a move, now's the time to put your current house on the market.

Getting Your House Ready to Show
For maximum returns, update, improve, and clean your property.

Spruce up your yard by planting some new bushes or flowering plants when the weather turns warm. 

If the exterior of your home is dingy, consider power washing or having it painted. Even small touch-ups make a difference.

If your windows are in disrepair, replace them. You might only have to re-caulk and paint the trim. Clean the glass so the sunlight shines in and shows off your home.

Check the roof for damage and leaks. Check the electrical wiring and plumbing. Heating and air-conditioning units should be cleaned and functioning at peak performance.

Clean and organize your basement, attic, and garage. Ditto for closets. You want to show off good storage space.

Consider painting the interior a neutral tone throughout. Have the carpets professionally cleaned or removed. Polish the hardwood floors.

The kitchen and bathrooms are scrutinized by buyers, so it's always a good idea to update them. These rooms can make or break a sale, and at the very least will affect the final price.

Clean Up Clutter
Get rid of all the clutter inside and outside the house. Hire someone to haul broken and outdated things away.

Store unnecessary furniture, sporting equipment, and appliances in a temporary storage unit.

Show off all surfaces as clean and clutter-free. This includes those in bedrooms and living areas as well as the kitchen and bathroom. 

Your hard work will pay off. Good luck!

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