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Almond Orange Pithivier Desserts and SnacksEuropeanUnspecifiedCampbell's Recipes
Apple or Pear Fruit Tarts Desserts and SnacksEuropeanFruitCampbell's Recipes
Apple Strudel Main DishesEuropeanUnspecifiedCampbell's Recipes
Apple Struesel Sauces Spreads and DressingsEuropeanFruitCrockpot Cooking
Apricot Chicken en Croûte Main DishesEuropeanVegetableCampbell's Recipes
Artichokes au Gratin Sides Salads and AppetizersEuropeanVegetableHouston Junior League Cookbook
Au Gratin Potatoes with Smoked Salmon Main DishesEuropeanSeafoodAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
AUSTRIAN-STYLE FRIED CHICKEN Main DishesEuropeanPoultryFamilyTime Community Cookbook
Austrian-Style Turkey Main DishesEuropeanPoultryAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Avgolemono Soup with Chicken Sides Salads and AppetizersEuropeanPoultryRice
Baked Pears en Croûte Main DishesEuropeanUnspecifiedCampbell's Recipes
Baked Rice Pudding Desserts and SnacksEuropeanDairyFamilyTime Community Cookbook
Beef & Mushroom Dijon Main DishesEuropeanMeatsCampbell's Recipes
Beef au jus with Chives Sauces Spreads and DressingsEuropeanDips Dressings and MarinadesSwanson's Simply Delicious Cookbook
Beef Bourguignonne Main DishesEuropeanMeatsHouston Junior League Cookbook
Beef Bourguignonne Soups Stews & ChiliEuropeanPasta and PizzaCampbell's Recipes
Beef Roulades Main DishesEuropeanMeatsHouston Junior League Cookbook
Beef Stroganoff Main DishesEuropeanMeatsNestle® Very Best Meals
Beer and Kraut Brats Main DishesEuropeanMeatsCampbell's Recipes
Black Forest Brownie Desserts and SnacksEuropeanCakes Cookies and CandiesNestle® Very Best Baking
Blueberries Vol-au-Vent Main DishesEuropeanFruitCampbell's Recipes
Blueberry Clafouti Desserts and SnacksEuropeanCakes Cookies and CandiesIncredible Egg Board
Boeuf Bourguignonne Main DishesEuropeanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Borscht Soups Stews & ChiliEuropeanVegetableHouston Junior League Cookbook
Bouillabaisse Soups Stews & ChiliEuropeanSeafoodHouston Junior League Cookbook
Bourbon Street Beignet Puffs Main DishesEuropeanUnspecifiedCampbell's Recipes
Braided Peach Strudel Main DishesEuropeanUnspecifiedCampbell's Recipes
Braised Brisket with Garlic Main DishesEuropeanMeatsFamilyTime Favorites
BRAISED CHICKEN IN SUN-DRIED TOMATO CREAM Main DishesEuropeanPoultryFamilyTime Community Cookbook
Braised Sauerkraut with Smoked Pork Chop Main DishesEuropeanMeatsFamilyTime Community Cookbook
BRANDIED ONION SOUP WITH CROQUE-MONSIEUR CROUTONS Soups Stews & ChiliEuropeanDairyFamilyTime Community Cookbook
Brie and Walnut Tartlets Sides Salads and AppetizersEuropeanUnspecifiedCampbell's Recipes
Brie en Croute Sides Salads and AppetizersEuropeanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Burgundy Beef Soups Stews & ChiliEuropeanMeatsCampbell's Recipes
Café Mocha Napoleons Main DishesEuropeanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Cafe Au Cacao BeveragesEuropeanDairyHouston Junior League Cookbook
Café au Lait Cake Desserts and SnacksEuropeanCakes Cookies and CandiesBetty Crocker® Cookbook
Cajun Catfish and Rice Sides Salads and AppetizersEuropeanSeafoodAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Candied Walnut-Camembert Puff Purses Sides Salads and AppetizersEuropeanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Cappuccino Mousse Timbales Desserts and SnacksEuropeanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Caramel Apple & Pecan Napoleons Main DishesEuropeanFruitCampbell's Recipes
Caramelized Onion Tart Main DishesEuropeanUnspecifiedCampbell's Recipes
Caramel-Pecan Bread Pudding Desserts and SnacksEuropeanCakes Cookies and CandiesTupperware Recipes
Carnation Quiche Lorraine Main DishesEuropeanDairyNestle® Very Best Meals
Cassoulet Main DishesEuropeanMeatsCampbell's Recipes
CB's EZ Grilled "Tapas" Veggie, Cheese & Meat Sandwiches Sides Salads and AppetizersEuropeanUnspecifiedChar-Broil® Sizzle on the Grill
Cheese and Onion Spaetzle Sides Salads and AppetizersEuropeanPasta and PizzaNestle® Very Best Meals
Cheese Blintzes Breakfast and BrunchEuropeanDairyThe Working Family's Cookbook
Cheese Kugel Main DishesEuropeanUnspecifiedCampbell's Recipes
Cherry Madeleines Desserts and SnacksEuropeanCakes Cookies and CandiesIncredible Egg Board
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