Inside the Utility Closet

Don't be afraid of it. Organize it!

By FamilyTime


The black hole that is your utility closet needs help to live up to its name. Too often, this space becomes a dumping ground for every old broom and out-dated vacuum cleaner attachment in the vicinity.

Organizing Your Utility Closet
This is not a pretty place. It should be a useful space organized for maximum efficiency, a place to keep brooms, mops, buckets, dust pans, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies, and old rags.

Take inventory of the equipment stored here. Discard that which you no longer need (or don't recognize!). If something is in the closet that belongs elsewhere, move it.

Look at the space and envision how everything could have a home. The closet should have room for long-handled brooms and mops as well as shelves.

Divide the closet into sections. Make room for hooks or brackets with snap-in-closures to hold mops and brooms. Be sure to mount hooks and brackets into studs.

Install adjustable shelving. Decide if you need pull-out shelves. Keep the shelves short and thick. These will hold up best over the years. Solid wood shelves are sturdier, too, than plywood or particleboard.

Use the back wall and the sides of the closet for added space. Install hooks and brackets. Use the back of the door for the ironing board or a multi-faceted single unit for holding lightweight items such as vacuum cleaner bags, extra sponges, rubber gloves, and rags.

Create A Utility Area
If you don't have a utility closet, create one. Dedicate a corner, closet or cubby to store supplies, mops and brooms. Mount hooks or other hanging gadgets onto an out-of-the-way wall, back of the basement door or connecting garage door, or the side of kitchen cabinets.

Purchase adjustable shelves or units with hanging baskets for storing supplies. If the area is open, consider using handsome straw baskets as storage units.

Utilize all the space you have. Don't forget about high-up spaces and the backs of doors. Surf the internet and leaf through magazines and catalogs for ideas. Prowl the aisles of hardware and home-improvement stores. Being creative is the best way to meet your particular needs.

Once your utility closet or area is in tip-top shape, try to keep it that way. You will thank yourself every time you have to clean!