Child-Proofing Your Home

How to keep your home safe for children.

By Jo Ann Sheldon and Norma J. Heller


Believe it or not, a home can be a dangerous place for a child. About two and-a-half million children are injured or killed by hazards in the home each year. Particularly at risk are small children and toddlers. You can help minimize danger by making your home child-friendly.

Begin by getting down on the ground and looking around from a child's point of view. Determine what he or she could pull down, reach, or climb on. Walk around the home, and make note of any missing safety features.

Finally, select those items from the shopping list that you need. Print the list and purchase necessary items and then install.

Also, remember to tell your children about the importance of safety. Explain why things are dangerous so children will learn and understand. Saying NO is not enough.