Halloween Fun and Games

Throw a simple Halloween party for your kids and play lots of good games.

By FamilyTime


Halloween is fast becoming America's favorite holiday -- or one of them! Costumes, jack-o-lanterns, fantastic decorations, trick'r treating, and parties all mark the fun centered around the last day of October.

If you decide to throw a party for your kids and their friends, prepare to play good games. Everyone will love the party.

Old Favorites
Traditional Halloween games are still beloved.

Fill a plastic tub or sink with water and let the kids bob for apples. Put the tub on an enclosed porch or outside if it's warm enough. The kitchen is another good site - anywhere you don't mind a wet floor.

Supply the kids with smocks or small towels to keep their clothes dry during bobbing.

Another favorite Halloween game is grabbing for doughnuts. Buy several dozen sturdy plain or cider doughnuts. Using string tied through the doughnut holes, suspend them from a broom handle or clothesline.

With their hands held behind their backs, the kids try to eat an entire doughnut. This is harder than it seems! Let them take turns, forfeiting their turn when they bite into a doughnut that falls off the string.

New Ideas
Send the children outside to gather small sticks, seedpods, leaves, and other detritus left on the ground. When they come back inside, give them butternut squashes, gourds, or crookneck squashes to decorate. This is a pleasant departure from decorating pumpkins.

Clean out several large jack-o-lanterns. Put them on a table or in the center of the room and let the kids hold a penny or candy toss.

Young children will enjoy playing pass the pumpkin. Have them sit in a circle and pass a small pumpkin around. Whomever is holding it when the spooky music stops is out.

This age group will get a kick out of pin the wart (or hat) on the witch. You may have to design your own witch and make the warts and hats from construction paper or cardboard.

Team Sports
Divide the kids into two or three groups. Supply each group with old pillow cases, old clothes, newspaper for crumpling, and other items. Time them as they make scarecrows. Allow 20 to 30 minutes for this activity.

Devise a costume relay race. Have two piles of old clothes in large sizes, including boots and hats, at the end of the room. Divide the children into teams. The object is to run to the clothes, fully dress and then undress (putting the clothes over their own clothes) and run back to the line in the shortest amount of time.

Give each team a set of props and a space to design their own "haunted house." When they are done, they can take the other team members, blindfolded, through the house - trying to scare their friends with their imaginations.

Props for the haunted house can include gauze for spider webs; cold, cooked spaghetti; grapes for eyeballs; aluminum foil and newspaper for rattling and crackling, and small coconuts for skulls.

Best of All, Have Fun
Halloween parties appeal to kids of all ages. Let your own imagination run wild. Decorate the house with wild, fanciful decorations and serve simple food such as doughnuts and cider.

Let the games be the centerpiece of the event. If you want to give out prizes, make them small candy bars or inexpensive Halloween trinkets. The purpose of this party is to have fun, laugh, and enjoy the simple pleasures.