Ice Cream! We All Scream for Ice Cream Sundaes!

Kids love to assemble their own super-fantastic creations. Make it a party!

By Barbara Albright


A make-your-own ice cream sundae bar can be its very own party -- or it can be a super finale to a meal. Either way, it is a huge hit with the kids.

Grown-ups like it, too!

Throw caution to the wind, pull out all the stops, don't fret about excess. In other words, have fun with this!

This is exactly the kind of party your kids can organize and plan on their own. You'll have to accompany them to the market, but once there, let them go wild picking out the ingredients for the sundaes.

A Sweet Mission
The mission, when setting up an ice cream sundae bar, is to assemble the most tempting, over-the-top ice cream flavors the market has to offer.

Next, select a luscious assortment of toppings, sauces, mix-ins, and syrups.

Don't forget the whipped cream and cherries!

While paper bowls or plates work well for sundae bars, it's more fun to offer tall parfait glasses or stemmed ice cream sundae dishes.

And while not officially a sundae container, crispy sugar cones are a yummy addition, especially if you dip them in chocolate and sprinkles first.

A Backyard Party
There's no better place for this party than your own backyard or deck. But if the weather is uncooperative, the kitchen is a good second choice.

Position the table so that the kids can gather on both sides. Cover it with a plastic cloth and set everything for the sundaes on the table. Be sure to supply plenty of long-handled spoons for serving.

Explain to the kids that everything else should be in place before they bring out the ice cream. Let it stay in the freezer until the last minute. It will soften quickly once it's on the table.

For an extra treat, warm the sauces in the microwave. Don't let them get too hot; no one wants scorched fingers or tongues.

As the kids prepare the ice cream sundaes of their dreams, suggest they give them names. Half the fun is hearing what they come up with!