Pinecone Birdfeeders

Bird watching is fun, entertaining and a great learning experience all year long with these easy -to- make pinecone birdfeeders.

By Kathy Oberman

 Keep the birds in your backyard fat and happy all year long by feeding them regularly. Kids love this simple activity and these pinecone birdfeeders, which they can make themselves, only add to the fun.

You will only need a few ingredients for them: peanut butter, birdseed, pinecones, yarn or ribbon, butter knife or spatula, two paper plates and a pair of scissors.

Assembling the Birdfeeder
Before you begin, cover a table with plastic or wax paper to keep the peanut butter from sticking to it. Next, cut and tie a long piece of yarn or ribbon to the top of the pinecone. Be sure to make it long enough so it can hang from a branch and the squirrels can't reach it. Tie a knot in the other end of the ribbon or yarn.

Next, using the butter knife, scoop a large clump of peanut butter onto a paper plate. On the second paper plate, pour enough birdseed to cover it.

Use the knife to spread the peanut butter inside the pinecone layers and around the edges until the pinecone is completely filled with peanut butter. Using your hands, roll the pinecone in the birdseed until it is covered entirely with birdseed. This can be messy -- and lots of fun.

Wrap the pinecone in wax paper and place it the freezer for at least one hour. When the peanut butter is completely frozen, remove the pinecone from the freezer and hang it on a tree. Choose a tree near a window so you and the kids can watch the birds.

There Are Never Enough
Make a few birdfeeders at a time and keep them in your freezer ready to replace the one outside, once the birds have finished eating all the birdseed.

Have fun watching the all the birds!