Malted Milkshakes!!

What kid can resist malted milkshakes? If they haven't tried them, what a treat!

By FamilyTime

 Malted milkshakes have been a staple at soda fountains since the 1940s - maybe even earlier. Ask your kids if they've ever heard of a "malt shop?" Those teenage hang-outs where girls with pony-tails and guys with varsity letter jackets hung out after "the big game."

Didn't Archie and Reggie flirt with Veronica and Betty at a malt shop?

Malted milkshakes fall squarely in the category of comfort food. Along with milkshakes, ice cream sodas, and hot fudge sundaes, they are authentic soda fountain treats.

Malts, as they are called, are American originals - blends of milk, ice cream, malt powder, flavored syrups, and, very often, fresh or frozen fruit. Malt powder is sold in supermarkets, usually in the same section with cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, and other milk flavorings.

The classic malted milkshake is made with whole milk and vanilla ice cream. Use the richest, most delicious vanilla ice cream you can find, add a little vanilla extract or vanilla syrup to punch up the flavor, and the malt powder for its indescribable sweetness.

Blend these ingredients in a blender and get ready to enjoy an icy treat. If you like the malt super cold and smooth, toss in a few ice cubes and blend them with the rest of the ingredients.

Chocolate malted milkshakes are classics, too. Replace the vanilla extract or vanilla syrup with chocolate syrup. If you like your malt especially chocolaty, replace the vanilla ice cream with rich, dark, seductive chocolate ice cream.

Malt and chocolate seem like a marriage made in ice cream fountain heaven!

Variations on the Classics
Encourage the kids to create their own favorite malts. They might want to add fresh or frozen fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries, or peaches, to create a healthier treat.

One or two cups of fresh or frozen berries added to a classic vanilla malt is yummy. When mixed with chocolate malts, the flavors are more complex and appealing to those who love the combination of chocolate and fruit.

Pick up flavored syrups at the supermarket and use them to vary the malts. Almost any syrup from blackberry and strawberry to coffee blends well with a vanilla malt. Substitute the syrup for the vanilla or chocolate syrup.

Varying the flavor of the ice cream is the best way to change the flavor of the malt. Coffee, strawberry, and caramel ice cream are all delicious when mixed in the blender with the other ingredients. Spoon some fresh brewed coffee into the malt, instead of syrup.

Double up on both the ice cream and syrup for even more intense flavor. Wow!

Make Flavored Syrups
Flavored syrups are easy to pick up at the supermarket but if you and your kids prefer, make your own. You will need flavored extracts and sugar.

Be sure to supervise this process. The syrups get very hot and so children will need an adult near the stove. Make sure the syrups cool completely before using.

Once cooked and cooled, the flavored syrups keep for weeks in the refrigerator. Pour them into a glass jar with a good lid.

Try substituting flavored extracts with fresh fruit and the same flavored jam or use the juice left from frozen fruits. Freshly brewed coffee is another good substitution.