Country Kitchen Herb Wreath

Hang one or two of these aromatic accents anywhere in the house.

by FamilyTime


A fresh herb wreath adds beauty and scent to your kitchen and it looks great. Hang it on the kitchen wall or door, or anyplace in the house you want a simple decoration.

Now that your herb garden is in full leaf, pluck some sprigs, let them dry and make a wreath with your bounty! Or purchase herbs at a farmer's market.

What You Need
To begin, you will need a wire wreath frame, floral wire, and wire cutters. All are available at craft stores. Select the size frame you like, but keep in mind that you will need a lot of herbs to fill out the wreath, so don’t be too ambitious with your first one

You will also need bunches of fresh herbs.  Pick them from your garden or buy them in a market with healthy looking herbs. Mix and match leaf sizes and scents.

Make the Wreath
Gather small bundles of the herbs, each four to six inches long. Tie each bundle with floral wire.

When you have at least eight or 10 bunches, begin wiring them to the frame with the floral wire. Do so in an overlapping fashion, tucking the new bundle under the one before it. If you need more bunches, make several more and wire them onto the wreath.

The last bundle should overlap the first so that it hides where it is wired to the frame. Make a generous looking wreath with plump bundles of herbs. Stagger the types of herbs for interest and pattern.

Display the Wreath
Hang the wreath from a hook on the back of a door, over a window, or on the wall. We don't recommend hanging one on an outside door, as the wind and rain will destroy the wreath.

An herb wreath will last for three to four weeks. When the herbs on the wreath dry out, pluck them from the wreath and use them in cooking.