Hot Dogs! Get Your Hot Dogs!

Hot dogs are the ultimate all-American snack food. Easy to prepare, they also make a great quick meal.

By FamilyTime

 Few kids can resist a hot dog! Piping hot, tasty, and smeared with mustard or ketchup, they are the original to-go food. They also make a terrific after-school snack or easy weekend lunch.

Hot dogs have a bad rap, but nowadays more healthful franks are available in every supermarket. Try chicken or turkey hot dogs instead of pork or beef franks. These wieners are lower in fat and calories, and they taste and look like traditional hot dogs.

For more adventurous kids, spicy and flavored chicken and turkey dogs might be the ticket to hot dog heaven.

Make a Great Dog
Hot dogs are one of the most versatile meats to cook. They are pre-cooked and so only require thorough heating to taste good.

Dogs can be boiled, broiled, grilled, microwaved, or steamed. They even can be wrapped in biscuit or pizza dough and baked! In nearly every instance, they cook in fewer than five minutes.

If you are grilling, broiling, microwaving, or baking the dogs, make a few slits along them before cooking. This allows them to cook evenly while releasing extra grease and fat.

If you steam or boil hot dog, no need to make the cuts, but be very cautious around the hot steam and water.

Creative Dogs
Classic hot dog toppings include mustard, relish, ketchup, onions, and sauerkraut. But don't stop there!

Eat dogs in hot dog buns, toasted hamburger buns, or between two slices of bread or toast. They are also good on their own, or served with noodles.

Chilidogs are crowned with hot chili. If you like, add chopped onions and peppers. Chili- cheese dogs are chilidogs with a slice of melted American or jack cheese. For even more variety, substitute baked beans for the chili and call them bean dogs!

Dogs baked in a wrapping of dough are called pigs-in-a-blanket. For an easy version, wrap the dogs in refrigerated crescent roll dough. To dress these up, spread the dough with mustard or relish before baking. Wow!

Make pizza dogs by spreading marina sauce and shredded mozzarella on the dough before rolling it around the dog.

For Mexican hot dogs, add shredded Monterey jack cheese and salsa to the dough. If you like them spicy, toss in some sliced jalapenons.

Eat hot dogs how you like them. They are a great snack or meal on the run that everyone loves.