Dive into the Deep Freeze

Icy treats for the dog days of summer!

By Barbara Albright


If your freezer is stocked with a stash of frozen treats, why wait for the jingle-jangle of the ice cream truck when the temperature soars?

Make your own frozen treats so that they're always on hand. Plus, moms like the idea of homemade ice pops - they know exactly what's in them and can steer kids towards eating goodies made with fruit juices and frozen yogurt.

Rigid plastic ice pop molds are easy to find in supermarkets, variety stores, and catalogs. If you keep a few molds on hand, the kids can fill them over and over again with lemonade, orange juice, grape juice, and other juices for ready-to-eat ice pops.

You can just as easily make frozen treats in ice cube trays or paper cups. Stock up on wooden popsicle sticks and sturdy toothpicks.

The mini recipes here are easy enough for kids to make.

Ice Cube-Tray Mini Juice-Sicles
Fill an ice cube tray with juice and cover the tray with aluminum foil. Stick a toothpick or popsicle stick through the foil into the center of each cube. (The foil helps the sticks stand upright.)

Let the cubes freeze for at least four hours or overnight until frozen solid. Lift the foil off the top of the tray and slip it off the sticks. This might require some ripping. Gently extract the cubes from the tray and eat them by holding the stick.

This same method works for fruit-flavored yogurt. Before spooning the yogurt into the ice cube tray, stir it thoroughly to insure the fruit at the bottom of the carton is evenly mixed.

Secret Surprise Strawberry Juice Pops
Insert a washed strawberry on a popsicle stick and then put the strawberry in a three- or five-ounce paper or plastic cup, with the stick sticking out of the cup. Fill the cup almost to the rim with juice. Cover the cup with aluminum foil, making sure to push the free end of the stick through the foil. Freeze pops for at least four hours or overnight until solid.

To serve the pops, gently squeeze the side of the cup, which will warm them slightly, or run warm, running water over the bottom of the cup for about 15 seconds. Press firmly on the bottom of the cup to release the pop, or peel off cup. Do not twist or yank on the stick.