Design Your Own Hanging Flower Baskets!

Plant glorious hanging baskets which will flower from spring through fall!

By FamilyTime


Even if you don't have land for a garden, you can create an eye-level hanging garden in minutes. Simply put, all you need is a wire basket, sphagnum (course hay like gardening moss); potting soil, and plants.

Materials and Plants
You should use the largest basket your ceiling and space will allow - bearing in mind that a very large basket when filled can weigh as much as 100 pounds. You'll need to determine whether you have a ceiling stud to support its weight.

In order to keep the basket on the lighter side, it is wise to use sphagnum, which lines the basket to keep the soil and plants in place. Also, using potting soil as opposed to regular dirt to keep the weight of the basket at a minimum.

Choose plants according to the amount of light available in your allotted space. Shade plants are equally as nice in a basket as are flowers, which require an intense amount of sunlight.

Select plants that are sold in roughly four-inch pots and use a combination of one flowering plant to two foliage variations. This ratio will keep the basket looking interesting and fresh throughout the season.

Create the look of the basket on a tabletop before planting it, using a combination of upright, mounding, and trailing plants. These plants should have a range of texture, color, and leaf and flower size.

Plant Care
To assemble the basket, line the basket completely with the moss (sphagnum) and firmly press it into the basket wall. Fill the basket with the potting soil about three-quarters full. Plant the flowers and foliage for the top of the basket first, and then attach the hanging wire. Hang the basket to complete planting.

While the basket is hanging, cut into the moss to plant plants around the lower have of the basket in between the wires. This will create a full and lush looking basket.

Depending on where you hang the basket, you will have to water it frequently because water drains almost immediately. If a basket is placed in direct sunlight, you may need to water is twice daily.

You will need to give you hanging basket plant food on a regular basis. Watering washes all the nutrients from the soil and they need replenishment. Ask at the local nursery which plant food is best for the kind of plants you are using.

Enjoy your beautiful hanging basket all summer long and into the fall!