Easy Halloween Supper for the Kids

Although they may not agree, kids need supper before or after trick ‘r treating. Make it easy and delicious!

By FamilyTime


As every mother knows, the prospect of spending several hours filling their sacks with candy is an overwhelmingly exciting one for youngsters.

Whether your kids trick ‘r treat in their own neighborhoods, visit the local mall or downtown shopping district, or move from floor to floor in an apartment complex, they are sure to arrive home with outrageous amounts of candy, gum, and other goodies.

When it comes to eating this loot, most parents allow their kids some leeway on Halloween. On the other hand, most parents also prefer that their children eat a wholesome meal.

Cook Supper – Don’t Order Out
Plan to serve your kids supper either before or after trick ‘r treating. The youngest ghosts and fairy princesses usually trick ‘r treat in the afternoon, while older ghouls and vampires venture out after dark.

Regardless of when you plan the meal, your kids may resist “real food.” Who can blame them if they have stuffed their faces with chocolate and licorice? What American kid wants a green salad when he can eat a Snickers bar?

To overcome this, avoid serving a boring meal. Instead, prepare a pasta dinner complete with hot garlic bread and a crunchy salad. Chances are the young revelers will sit still long enough to wolf it down.

If you end the meal with a festive Spiderweb Munch, they may forego the candy altogether – at least until tomorrow!

Rely on Prepared Foods
We suggest serving a robust spaghetti and meatball dinner. You can make your own tomato sauce, season your own meatballs, and whisk your own salad dressing, but because there are so many top-notch products on the market, why not rely on them?

Very few kids or grownups can resist hot-from-the oven garlic bread. You can buy a loaf ready for heating in the supermarket, but we urge you to buy plain bread and then flavor it yourself. The extra effort pays off big time! Our recipe calls for sourdough bread, but any good French or Italian loaf works fine.

A crisp salad tossed with tangy Italian dressing offsets the spaghetti and garlic bread perfectly. Our recipe includes cucumbers and carrots. If your family likes croutons, onions, sprouts, or cheese, add these to the salad bowl.

End the Meal on a Spooky Note!
It’s tempting to suggest to the kids that they eat their own candy for dessert, but making the Spiderweb Munch turns this fairly ordinary meal into something festive and spectacular.

The dessert, flavored with chocolate and peanut butter, is fashioned to look appropriately creepy. Best of all, you can make it well ahead of time and keep it chilled until ready to serve.

With a meal like this to distract your kids, chances are they won’t gobble up all the candy in one sitting. And all mothers know what this means: more candy for Mom to scrounge when the kids are in school!