Fear and Food

We are eating and drinking more then ever. What you need to know.

Kathy Oberman Editor-in-Chief


Our entire nation is overwhelmed, slightly depressed and somewhat confused in the aftermath of September 11th. As a nation, we are eating too much red meat and full-fat foods and drinking too much alcohol.

While this current state of mind may lead to a desire to eat and drink more than we should, these behaviors are potentially dangerous to our health.

Research clearly shows that excessive alcohol consumption fuels depressions. It also shows that diets rich in fatty foods not only are bad for your heart, they add to general feelings of lethargy, which in turn reduce any desire to exercise..

This is unfortunate since exercise has proved to be a clear way to boost your energy, help relieve depression, and reduce stress.

While we all need a little comfort these days, we should look to other ways to get it. We're not saying juicy steaks, fancy cocktails, and chocolate cake are taboo but they should be consumed in moderation.

Instead of hamburgers and beer, try eating a little more fresh fruit, raw vegetables, whole grain cereals and salads, fish and poultry. This healthful diet will increase your energy level and decrease the stress on your body. It will also provide the energy you need to get back to the gym or track for that all-important exercise!

When you drink less alcohol, you will sleep better, reduce overall stress, and rid your body of unnecessary toxins.

Be kind to your body now. It will help you get through this tumultuous time.