Moms Love Homemade Gifts!

Surprise Mom with a homemade gift this Mother's Day.

By FamilyTime


Nothing makes mothers happier on Mother's Day than a gift crafted by little hands. Moms love to see what their offspring create, and kids get excited anticipating their mom's reaction. A win-win if ever there was one!

Once a child decides on a homemade gift for Mother's Day, fathers or older children should start planning to make sure the gift gets made.

Ideas for Crafts
Drawing a picture or making a card is the easiest craft for a small child. Older children can make more elaborate cards, perhaps ones that include a poem or small story.

Other ideas include:

  • pencil holders from coffee cans and empty jars,
  • photo albums with pages tied together with yarn,
  • homemade frames for childhood artwork
  • decorated flowerpots
  • bookmarks made from construction paper or leftover wallpaper 

Kids can also write a play and perform it or make a short video.

Fathers, older siblings, aunts and uncles can shop with the children for art supplies -- first checking the ones already on hand. They should plan this outing early in the week so the childred have time to create their masterpiece.

If the children decide on a store-bought gift, they might want to make cards and wrapping paper. Homemade wrapping paper can be made with plain brown paper decorated with colorful stamps, paints, markers, and stickers.

Gifts from the Garden
If Mom enjoys gardening, consider making her a container garden. The kids can choose the container -- a large terra cotta pot, a window box, old bucket, or wooden crate. Let them fill it with potting soil (Dad should add any fertilizer himself) and then plant it as they choose.

Ideas for container gardens are colorful annuals such as pansies and nasturtiums. Culinary herbs such as parsley, basil, thyme, mint, and tarragon are lovely in containers. The children might also like the idea of planting a container with a cherry tomato plant or spring lettuces. /P>

Gifts from the Heart
Defined by their thoughtfulness, these gifts might include "coupons" for a mother-child day, a night on the town (an older child might offer to babysit), a backrub, extra chores, or breakfast in bed.

Whatever the outcome, moms across the country are sure to revel in their family's love and attention on Sunday. But, of course, for most mothers Mother's Day is every day!