Down on the Farm

Spend a little time on a farm. The kids will love it!

By FamilyTime


Life on a farm is dictated by the seasons and the fall is a busy one. The countryside is still lush and bursting with life and activity.


Why not visit a farm with your kids? They will love getting outdoors, seeing the open land and the animals. And everyone will benefit from the experience.


Find a Farm to Visit

Go online to find farms in your area that are open to the public, or ask a local farmer you know if you can visit. A local vegetable farm with pick-your-own fields may be a perfect choice.

Plan to spend a few hours out of doors. If the farm is not equipped to deal with regular visitors, arrange to arrive at a time when the farmer is not too busy.


Ask about coming at midday when he is in from a morning in the fields, or later in the afternoon when the day’s work is nearly done. On the other hand, he might be happy to welcome you anytime.


Your Visit

Talk to your kids about the growing cycle, about what crops flourish in your region, and about how long they take to grow. You might need to ask the farmer for this information!


If there are animals on the farm, ask the farmer if you can pet them. Be sure your children know to approach them quietly and calmly. Don’t bring food for them. If it’s a farm used to dealing with the public, the farmer may have nibbles to offer them.


Discuss where milk and eggs come from. Ask the farmer what vegetables he grows, or what crops he harvests and what happens to his yield. If the kids are old enough, you might want to address issues such as meat and poultry production.


Spending time on the farm is a lovely way to escape city and suburban life for a few hours, to breathe in the fresh, fragrant air, and to experience the long tradition of American farming.


It’s also creates the opportunity to begin educating your kids about the need to preserve open space, to eat locally, and to support small farms and other forms of responsible agriculture.


A win-win situation!