Stressed? Join the Club!

Everyone experiences stress now and then.

By FamilyTime

 By conservative estimates, one in ten Americans reports being under stress at any given time. It’s hard to avoid it in our fast-paced world, but once you recognize it, you can take action to deal with stress.

No one can rid their lives of stress completely. Stress is part of anyone’s family and work lives. It is also brought on by traumatic events such as illness or injury, a death in the family, or divorce, as well as by more positive events such as pregnancy and retirement.

Stress and Health
Women are more apt to experience stress than men, but men are hardly immune. Medical science is only beginning to understand the connections between stress and disease, but most doctors and other health professionals agree that stress contributes to fatigue, headaches, insomnia, back pain, and indigestion, to name a few minor but disruptive conditions.

Other, more serious complications exacerbated by stress include ulcers, skin problems, colitis, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Asthmatics are more likely to have attacks, and those who suffer from arthritis will experience flare-ups when stressed.

People under stress also suffer from anxiety and depression and may have bouts of anger, periods of lethargy, and trouble concentrating. They also may overeat, or not eat enough.

Those who experience prolonged periods of stress are likely to catch more colds and flu. They also tend to miss a lot of work and school.   

What to Do
Obviously we need to reduce the causes of stress in our lives. This is not always easy, particularly if you are going through a bad time, such as a divorce or mourning a death.

Professionals can help those experiencing extreme stress deal with the issues. Disciplines such as yoga, Pilates and meditation help many stressed people, as well.

It also is a good idea to eat well and healthfully, to get plenty of sleep, and to exercise regularly.

These three things, all which contribute to the proper functioning of the body, help enormously with stress. In the end, we all experience it but how we recognize and deal with it makes all the difference.