When to Ask for Help in the Garden

Your time and ability will determine how much help you need to beg, borrow, or pay for!

By FamilyTime

 All of us have our limit when it comes to gardening. Some of us like to do it all, while others ask for help at the site of a shovel.

You may enjoy planting a few containers and some annuals but can’t be bothered trimming hedges or worrying about drainage. On the other hand, you may like nothing better than prying up heavy rocks, clearing large areas of land, and digging up and replanting shrubs.

If we like to garden at all, most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

When to Get Help
Whether you can undertake a certain chore depends on your time, your know-how, and your strength. If you would like to build a retaining wall but don’t have great physical stamina or the right tools, hire someone who does.

The task may be something that does not interest you but needs to be done. This could be a one-time job, such as removing a stump, or a twice-a-season one, such as spreading large amounts of mulch.

You may even want to hire someone to keep up with the weeds, which can take over gardens as summer progresses towards fall.

When to Call a Pro
While only you can make the final determination, some garden projects that are best handled by professionals are:
  • Pruning, cabling, and felling trees
  • Removing large stumps
  • Digging up boulders
  • Building masonry walls
  • Planting new trees and shrubs
  • Building significant fences
  • Grading and terracing large areas
  • Putting in underground irrigation systems
Or, you may decide to spend any funds you have budgeted for the garden for someone to mow the lawn! And who would blame you?