Springtime Family Fitness

When the weather is warm and inviting, get outside and move!

By FamilyTime


When the weather turns balmy, everyone in the family is eager to exercise! The kids are itching to get outside and move, move, move. And most adults are with them in this.

The family that exercises together has more fun! There is less cause for concern about couch potatoes, obesity, and over-consumption of junk food, too, which makes everyone happy.

Even as we wring our hands about overweight families and too much “screen time” for everyone, many experts agree that finding an antidote can and should be a family affair.

This does not have to mean gym memberships for all or group training for the next big road race, but it does mean making a commitment to get everyone moving — and loving it!

20 Ideas for Family Fitness

  1. Dance together
  2. Walk the dog together
  3. Run or jog together
  4. Ride bikes together
  5. Locate accessible hiking and biking trails and use them
  6. Walk on the beach
  7. Play beach volleyball
  8. Play tag
  9. Take up juggling as a family
  10. Jump rope
  11. Go to the park; bring a ball or Frisbee
  12. Go on a nature walk
  13. Fly a kite
  14. Visit the roller rink
  15. Play softball or Wiffle ball
  16. Rollerblade together
  17. Swim in the local pool
  18. Play driveway basketball
  19. Play pick-up soccer
  20. Visit a pick-your-own local farms

As a quick perusal of the 20 ideas listed here illustrates, there are numerous activities families can do together to have fun and get some exercise at the same time. Sure, there’s a big difference between planning a day-long hiking trip and taking a walk along a beach, but both have a place in a family’s life. And both can be fun.

The important thing is to work these activities into your daily and weekly life. Don’t make it a one-time thing to crank up the music and dance with your kids through the house, or to toss a ball around in a nearby park.

If you think about taking advantage of these and other opportunties whenever possible, everyone will be happier and more active.

Encouraging your kids to move, joining them in activities, and making these outings part of family life is a good way for everyone to keep fit. And doing so suggests to kids that physical activity is a natural and pleasurable part of life.

Surely you can add another 20 ideas to our list! Have fun.