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5 Ways to Celebrate with Dad

5 Ways to Celebrate with Dad

With a little planning, Father's Day will be better than ever!

By Sara Kendall

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Father’s Day is a wonderful occasion for expressing our love and respect for the fathers in our lives. Fathers play an important role in a child’s development, self-esteem and emotional well being and a caring father’s guidance and wisdom has a lasting impact on the lives of their children.

To mark Father’s Day this year, start by gathering your kids and asking them how they want to show their dad how much he means to them. They may have their own terrific ideas, but if they need a little help, here are five ways to celebrate. Don’t just focus on one; do several. Dad deserves it!

One: Morning Bliss

If it’s his thing, let Dad sleep in. Don’t badger him about an early morning schedule. Instead, about the time he starts waking up, deliver his favorite morning drink: hot coffee, iced coffee, tea, or orange juice.

Make Dad a hearty breakfast and let him eat it while he lounges in bed. A big entrance with the breakfast tray will surely be a great start to his day. If he likes to read the news or sports’ pages, bring the newspaper or computer with breakfast.

Two: A Family Affair

Grilling outdoors is a classic way to mark Father’s Day. These are a great way to eat, talk and relax in a causal setting. This could be an opportunity to get the whole family together.

Invite grandfathers, uncles, brothers and would-be dads. A family picnic is a nice way to create a family tradition, which could become an annual event. Double check with the father of the house, though, to make sure this is how he wants to spend “his” day.

Three: Make a Card

Buy white card stock at the local craft store and let the kids be creative. Every dad loves to receive a handmade treasure from his children. These cards make great keepsakes and are fun to look back on over the years.

For babies and toddlers, hand and foot prints are fun and easy. Paint the bottom of one hand or foot with a non-toxic paint (easy to find at craft stores) and press it on the cover of the card. This can be challenging with a wiggly toddler, so plan on a few attempts.

Inside the card, express Dad’s wonderful fatherly qualities. If you have a hard time coming up with the right words, go online and look for Father’s Day sentiments and quotations. If your little one can write his or her name, let them. It will be the best part of the card!

For older kids, organize crayons, colored pencils and markers. Most love to draw but if you have a kid who is resistant to drawing, glue a photo of him or her with Dad on the cover and then suggest the child write at least one thing in the card about how much their dad means them.

Four: An Event to Remember

Some dads like to relax at home and others like to go out. If they’re the going-out type, make reservations at a favorite restaurant; buy tickets for a local sporting event or concert; or arrange for a round of golf.

Looking for a low budget outing? Consider a local nature preserve for a hike or the local park for a stroll or game of Frisbee. Other ideas include visits to local zoos, a local lake or riverside park, pick-your-own berry farms, and ice cream parlors.

Five: Creative Gifts

Kids love to get messy, so why not for a cause as good as their dad? Father’s Day provides an opportunity for their creative abilities to shine—and be deeply appreciated. Here are six ideas for simple, homemade, creative gifts.

  1. Bake a cake or make Dad’s favorite dessert. Let the kids help. Who cares if flour ends up in their hair and on the floor? It’s all part of the fun.
  2. Paint and personalize a natural wood photo frame. Add a photo from a special moment during the past year and tie a bow around it.
  3. Create paperweights made from stones. Gather a few smooth, round stones from the backyard. Use paint and/or fabric scraps to decorate them, allowing time to dry between layers. Have your children write their names and the year on the bottom, using paint.
  4. Make a home movie. Parents take so many photos and videos of their kids, now is a perfect opportunity to put the memories together with music and voiceovers.
  5. Not up for a home movie challenge? Instead, collect photographs in an album just for Dad.
  6. Help the kids write poems or a song to perform for Dad. Have each kid say one thing about why Dad matters to them.

Father’s Day does not have to be complicated or elaborate. Keep it fun and loving and the let its meaning shine through!

Sara Kendall is a freelance writer and mother of two daughter.

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