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8 Tips for the Big Game Party

8 Tips for the Big Game Party

The football game may be the focus of the party, but the guests, food, and decorations make it a bash!

By FamilyTime

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Let's face it. There's no need to get too uptight about hosting a party for a football game -- regardless of how "big" the game is. Of course, if you're a die-hard fan and your team has made it to the championship, the excitement level might rise. Still, an early evening party to watch a game should be casual and fun, not an occasion for the best linen and Grandma's silver tray! Still, like any party, success depends on good planning.

We've put together eight tips to help you throw the best and easiest football party of the year. Remember, this gathering is all about fun, fun, fun. Let's hope your team wins!

  1. Plan your guest list: Invite people who care about the game, as well as those who care about them! This is not the time to include your neighbor who invited you for coffee but who knows nothing and cares less about football.
  2. Keep the number of guests reasonable: For most party guests, watching the game is critical. Think about the seating arrangements near your television set. The game is long -- no one wants to stand against a wall or sit on the floor. Make sure you can arrange furniture comfortably.
  3. Keep decorations simple, but don't neglect them: These may be as simple as football pennants hanging on the wall, or paper products (cups, napkins, plates) in the team colors. Hang a few posters of the star players or decorate with team color-coordinated streamers. Bunches of Mylar balloons instantly make a room festive. A little effort goes a long way.
  4. Set out party favors: These aren't necessary, but your guests will get a kick out of whistles, noisemakers, and hand clackers to help them cheer on the players. (You might have some leftover from New Year's Eve!)
  5. Make lots of food: Football games on TV are excuses to eat the snack food we all love but usually avoid. This means lots of chips and dips, cold cuts for hero sandwiches, nachos, and spicy chicken wings. If you want to serve more substantial food, consider pizza, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, or a tortilla casserole. Keep these warm in a 200°F. oven and bring them out as necessary. 
  6. Serve the food on a table: Lay a paper or cloth table cloth on a table or kitchen counter and arrange the food in an appetizing and orderly fashion. Decorate with the team colors; cover platters with colorful plastic wrap in the team colors; hang balloons with team colors from the chandelier. This adds to the overall excitement of the party.
  7. Have plenty to drink: Beer is the obvious choice, but don't forget about soft drinks, water, and wine, too. Keep everything chilled and nearby in the refrigerator or on ice in coolers . Provide beer mugs and large cups. Brew a large pot of coffee for the end of the party.
  8. Wifi and devices: If your guests are fanatical fans, they will want to keep track of statistics and trivia by logging on to various apps and sites devoted to the game. Make sure your wifi is working -- and think about creating a password just for the day that you can delete when everyone goes home. Or you might prefer to make your wifi password-free for the day.

With the right attitude, plenty of food and drink, you and your sports-loving friends can say farewell to professional football for the year with fun and good memories!


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